Home | From the design to the cool breezes off the sound, the tiki bar offers you a Caribbean experience without having to leave Westchester

About Us

Sam Chernin and John Ambrose embarked upon this project in June of 2009. Working 6 or 7 days a week with our in-house construction crew of 12 men, we worked feverishly for 11 months to open up for May Fair on May 1st. The project was greatly aided by the spirit of cooperation from Westchester Parks and Recreation and we thank them for that.
"We are open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner and also feature a late night menu. In addition we feature live entertainment most nights and have a sixteen foot projection screen as well as 6 flat screens for your favorite sporting events. As of today, July 8th we are very gratified by the enormous crowds that have taken claim to the tiki bar as their home."
So if the sun, pretty girls, handsome men, delicious food and cool tropical drinks interests you - that means one thing - "It's Tiki Time."
Pier Restaurant & Tiki Bar
1 Playland Parkway, Rye 
No reservations accepted
Monday-Thursday: 11 a.m.-1 a.m.
Weekends: 11 a.m.-1 a.m. plus




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Our Events

Live Music All Summer Long!!!
Check out our schedule below!
Happy Hour!!! Monday thru Friday from 3PM - 7PM
Thursdays is Ladies night!
Fridays is Fireworks Night!
May 2016
Friday, May 20th - Fast forward 
Saturday, May 21st - Soul fusion 
Friday, May 27th - Sugar rush, 
Saturday, May 28th - Fdr drive 
Sunday, May 29th - Reunion 
Monday, May 30th - That duo show. 
June 2016
Friday, June 3rd - Fast forward 
Saturday, June 4th - Whoz ya daddy
Sunday, June 5th - That duo show 
Friday, June 10th - House arrest  
Saturday, June 11th - Sugar rush 
Sunday, June 12th - That duo show j
Friday, June 17th - TBA 
Saturday, June 18th - Fdr drive 
Sunday, June 19th - That duo show 
Friday, June 24th - Tba 
Saturday, June 25 - Reunion 
Sunday, June 26th - That duo show 
July 2016
Friday, July 1st - Tba 
Saturday, July 2nd - Epic soul 
Sunday, July 3rd- Sugar rush 
Monday, July 4th - D.j.  
Friday, July 8th- Tba 
Saturday, July 9th - Whoz ya daddy 
Sunday, July 10th - That duo show
Friday, July 15th - Fast forward 
Saturday, July 16th - Reunion 
Sunday, July 17th - That duo show 
Friday, July 22nd - House arrest- 
Saturday, July 23rd - TBA 
Sunday, July 24th - That duo show 
Friday, July 29th - TBA 
Saturday, July 30th - Fdr drive 
Sunday, July 31st - t.b.a.
August 2016
Friday, August 5th - TBA 
Saturday, August 6th - Sugar rush 
Sunday, August 7th - That duo show 
Friday, August 12th - House arrest 
Saturday, August 13th - Whoz ya daddy 
Sunday, August 14th - That duo show. 
Friday, August 19th - Reunion 
Saturday, August 20th - Epic soul 
Sunday, August 21st - That duo show. 
Friday, August 26th - Fast forward  
Saturday, August 27th - Fdr drive 
Sunday, August 28th - That duo show 
September 2016
Friday, September 2nd - Sugar rush 
Saturday, September 3rd - Whoz ya daddy


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